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The more you can speak Portuguese, the more you’ll discover about Brazil!

Even if you stay only a week, it’s good to know the basic of the language.


Common sentences

Onde está ... ? : Where is ... ?

Quanto é ? : How much ?

Quero ir a ... ? : I want to go to ... ?


Bom dia : Good morning

Boa tarde : Good afternoon

Boa noite : Good evening

Por favor : Please

Com licença : Excuse-me

Desculpa : Sorry 

​Obrigado/a : Thanks (depending on gender)

Tchau : Goodbye

Até logo : See you


Boteco/Botequim/Beco : Bar

Pé-sujo : litterally « dirty foot » : it’s a very plain bar where different social classes gather around and mix together. A perfect illustration in Rio would be the “Arco-iris” bar or "beco de rato" bar, both in Lapa. .

Barraca : in the beach, place where you can rent a chair or buy a drink at the beach.

Uma gelada : a very fresh beer like only Brazilians can serve.

Padaria : a bakery, but nothing in common with a French one. They sell bread (called “pao francês”!) but also alcoholic beverages and are open until late at night, sometimes all night long.

Churrasco : Brazilian barbecue

Refresco : diluted and sweetened fruit juice