Brought by black slaves from Africa, Candomblé religion is a philosophy practiced by many Brazilians nowadays, from the nordeste until Rio de Janeiro. At first, it pays a tribute to orixás, the saints but also to curious figures : exus. Malandro figure (Lapa) descended from this. The ritual is a “party” where everyone has its job : the one giving the rhythm to the drum, the dancing one, the one receiving the spirit … Lost in the middle of such a macomba, you might feel your body becoming the “horse” of a soul… who knows ?

Brésil agence réceptive


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Schedule :

Departure from your hotel in the afternoon,
according to the ceremonial schedule

Going to terreiro where the party occurs

Candomblé traditional ritual

At the end, sharing meal and drinks

Back to the hotel

     Duration : 6 hours

Prix : R$300/2 pers + 100/additional persons

     Included :

Car ride from the hotel to a REAL terreiro,

in Rio northern area

Entrance with meal and drink

Macombeiro guide


Equipment :

       White and light clothes
       Camera !

What you can do :

       Receive a candomble spirit  !

For any onformation or booking of  Candomblé tour  :

         @ :
         Phone / WhatsApp : (+55) 21 99123-4141 or 21 99013-5692