Going Out...

     ...Lapa, Samba & Bossa Nova

Symbolized with its aqueduct, Lapa is the district, betwenn Santa Teresa hill and Centro’s buildings, which awakes at 7 pm. 2 main streets : Mem de Sá (knight who chased away the French in Rio !) and Riachuelo which characterize a full of bars and nightclubs triangle. It’s impossible to describe the atmosphere, Cariocas have drink over there after work, locals meet there and tourists begin talking Portuguese after the 3rd beer...

Bossa Nova


This typically Carioca kind of music was born at the end of 50’s from fighting betwenn samba musicians and neighbors who wanted to sleep. In order to limit the noise, sambistas started brushing guitar strings and singing quite low.

To listen Bossa Nova whispers, the best thing to do is to go to Bip Bip in Copacabana – you’re going to love it !



If you want to dance, or just be listening to samba rhythms, you have to join a roda de samba. You might have the chance to see one starting in front of your eyes : someone starts singing, another plays an instrument with a can and a girl begins dancing … quickly, many people come around and here you have your roda de samba ! During Carnaval, it never stops, you just have to go in the street!



The craziest period of the year, starting few weeks before the "official" Carnaval. You can follow "blocos", bands playing in the streets, dancing Samba and Pagode...

More informations about Rio 2019 Carnaval

When and where ? :

  • Monday and/or friday night : famous Roda de Samba in the street // Pedra do Sal, Gamboa

  • Tuesday night : Chorinho in the reknown BipBip // Rua Almirante Gonçalves, 50, Copacabana

  • Wednesday night : Bossa Nova ao vivo in BipBip

  • Thursday night (and every night...;)) : meeting place for students in front of Baixo Gavea bars and night clubs // Place Santos Dumont, Gávea

  • Friday night : Best Roda de Samba in Beco do Rato // Rua Joaquim Silva, 11, Lapa

  • Saturday from 11am : second hand trade named Feira do Lavradio with Jazz, Samba, Chorinho musicans, in the streets – family atmosphere // Rua do Lavradio, Centro

  • Sunday from 4pm to 11pm : Samba school practicing – including a traditional feijoada and caipirinha // Quadras de Samba