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On Monday and Friday nights, in the harbour area, musicians meet for a samba famous meeting. Many locals, tourists and business men ending their workday, are going to this “rock” where people used to trade salt, merchandising, and slaves.
It is said to be the place where samba rhythm was born.

Pedra do Sal

Schedule :

for 2 people we make it with favela rocinha tour

Departure on monday or friday night (around 8pm)

Immersion into Samba :

- Roda de Samba in Pedra do Sal

- music shows in the street

Back to the hotel around 11pm

Duration : 3 hours

Price : R$300/2 pers + R$100/additional persons

     Included :
     Transportation to Pedra do Sal


Equipment :

 Bring your camera !

What we can do :

       Add Rocinha Favela before Pedra do Sal tour
       Enjoying the party all night long !

For any information or booking of Pedra do Sal tour :

         @ : cecile.lg@wanadoo.fr
         Phone / WhatsApp : (+55) 21 99123-4141 or 21 99013-5692